Healthy Hearts, Happy Hearts

(For the privacy and dignity of the individual, this photo does not show the person mentioned in the story.)

When children are born, their parents want to keep them safe. When a loved one is in harm’s way, we want them to be safe. When we are threatened, we are hard-wired to seek safety. It’s instinctual.

Unfortunately, many men, women, and children have no way of reaching a haven. They have no hope of a place where they might actually be protected from harm.

Thandi probably felt that way for a long time. The 15-year old girl who had been abused in the snarls of human trafficking probably had no full understanding of what safety actually felt or looked like. In her world, she had known pain and harm from other people, the physical dangers of malnutrition and inadequate health care. Nearly every conceivable corner of her world hosted some type of threat.

And then, through your donations, you stepped in and opened a door to a new world. Your contributions have funded safe houses like the one Thandi finally found her way to. More than that, your generosity has allowed the safe house to implement a food program that encompasses total health and well-being.

After just a short time there, Thandi looked healthier and stronger. What’s more, she is happy! Her brain and her heart are finally receiving the nutrition they so desperately needed, allowing them to venture into areas previously unknown. It’s incredibly challenging for a starved mind to contemplate spirituality. A weak, hungry heart will likely struggle to receive or give love the way it was created to.

Thandi’s head and heart are finally operating on all cylinders and the smile on her face is the conduit for questions about God and other spiritual issues.

Thank you for stepping into Thandi’s world and giving her a safe place to go. Thank you for providing the proper nutrition she so desperately needed.

Pray for her continued recovery and give so others may also find and experience safety and restoration.

Published April 15, 2019