Gospel Hope in the Netherlands

By Send Relief Staff

In a refugee camp in the heart of the Netherlands, Michael, of Syrian background, has been a beacon of faith, organizing worship in his modest home. Surrounded by struggle and feeling alone, the group of 15 Christians, who met at Michael’s house, were overjoyed after meeting with the local Send Relief partners. Our local partners shared with the group that there are others who care for them. Excitement filled the air when the vision of a refugee church tailored to their needs was shared. Through this group, more than 40 people from the Arabic refugee community have encountered the gospel in their heart language.

This project’s success is evident as it has resulted in the launch of a monthly Arabic refugee outreach service in the camps. The goal is to plant a refugee church aimed specifically at ministering to the Arabic community. Through outreach efforts, the gospel has reached 400 individuals, with multiple engagements, fostering a core group of believers eager to nurture this budding community. Because of the success of the outreach services, a local Arabic pastor dedicated to the refugee community has joined in the efforts. The small group is able to meet at least three times a month, and two people have come to faith in Jesus.

Our ministry partners have also branched out into Amsterdam. They have a monthly outreach service for refugees where approximately 80 people have heard the gospel. Many are from hard-to-reach places like Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

Because you give sacrificially, a new church is loving its community, Arabic refugees know they are not alone and more than 400 people have heard the hope of the gospel.

Published February 19, 2024

Send Relief Staff