Global Hunger Relief Illuminates Hope Amid Global Crisis

Traveling to Ethiopia, the third most impacted nation in the ongoing global hunger crisis, reveals a distressing reality for many in the beautiful country. Imagine lying with your children, their stomachs empty and spirits weary, gazing out at a home once filled with laughter and dreams, now a silent witness to the devastation of conflict.

Abebe Desta, a widow and sole provider for her family, intimately understands this hardship. She sustained her family as a small business owner until violence shattered her community, leaving her with a heart-wrenching choice: stay and risk everything or seek refuge elsewhere.

“I was compelled to leave and lead a sordid life with my children, even sometimes begging for leftovers from hotels,” Desta said. “There were days when we went to bed without lunch and supper.”

In a nearby town, another tale of resilience unfolds. Amara Mamo, once the proud owner of a thriving restaurant, now wandered the streets in search of food due to conflict. Gone were the days of bustling kitchens and savory aromas; now, hunger and loss were her constant companions.

Yet, amid the darkness, a glimmer of hope emerged through Global Hunger Relief (GHR), an initiative of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) established in 1978. Through GHR, Southern Baptists unite in prayer and actions to equip Send Relief, a joint ministry of the North American Mission Board and International Mission Board, to carry out gospel-centered, sustainable solutions to combat hunger.

It is through the prayers and generosity of Southern Baptist Christians that families and individuals like Desta and Mamo find relief through GHR. Because of consistent food distributions, these women were able to think toward the future and get back on their feet. Dozens of people in their communities came to know Christ as their savior.

Since September 2023, Desta and her children no longer endure nights with empty stomachs. Mamo no longer feels the sting of humiliation as she no longer must beg for sustenance, her dignity restored by the kindness of strangers.

“God has reached me through you,” Mamo said.

Their stories are not merely tales of survival but testaments to the transformative power of compassion – compassion desperately needed not only in Ethiopia but also by the 828 million individuals globally grappling with chronic hunger.

As we bear witness to their testimonies and reflect on the many others in need, let us be reminded of our shared humanity and the role we each must play.

On Global Hunger Sunday, Aug. 25, 2024, let us join together and contribute to the GHR Fund, amplifying our collective impact to feed both stomachs and souls one meal at a time. Funds raised help Send Relief partners who are presently providing meals and hope, continue to impact those who are in need around the world.

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The stories and quotes presented in this article are based on true experiences. However, we have chosen to utilize pseudonyms for both individuals mentioned to ensure the protection and privacy of those we serve.

Published April 11, 2024