GenSend Student Missionaries Restore School Library

By Send Relief Staff

During the pandemic, the elementary school library had become a catch-all room for extra furniture, shelving and even trash. With children returning to in-person learning, the New York Send Relief Ministry Center offered to help with two teams of GenSend student missionaries.

When GenSenders arrived for day one of the restoration, they found 3-to-5 foot piles of old curriculum, classroom tools and garbage scattered throughout the library. Undaunted, they got to work sorting thousands of books back into a usable organization system.

“What would have taken the administrators months to accomplish, our students finished in four days,” Send Relief Journeyman Hannah Jones shared. “With the headway made, the teachers and staff are hopeful that their students will be able to take books home and be encouraged in their reading development in the coming months! Every teacher who walked by the door would light up and come in to express their gratitude that this project would reintroduce kids to their love of literature.”

One GenSend student was able to draw a parallel from the library project to God’s rejuvenation of our souls: “Just like we transformed this space and cared about the little things, Jesus came into our lives and restructured them and made us new, so I’ve really been focused on modeling that newness as we work on this building.”

While the library remodel was beneficial on a practical level, it also showed the teachers that outsiders are willing to invest in their children and that they are not alone in their efforts.

Pray for students who are falling behind or struggling to complete their academic year with all the learning shifts that the pandemic has introduced. Pray for after-school programs that are overwhelmed by tutoring needs. Finally, pray for teachers and administrators who are working hard to educate the next generation to find the stamina to continue.

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Published April 11, 2022

Send Relief Staff