From the Field: Churches Cooperate to Help Stranded Ukrainians

By Send Relief Staff

Send Relief partners have continued to offer assistance to Ukrainian families who are fleeing the war and resettling in Europe. With no lodging, food, medicine, clothes or social support, many of these families are facing the darkest period of their entire lives. A Send Relief partner on the ground wrote the following reflection about what it’s like to walk alongside refugees in this moment of crisis:

As soon as hostilities and war broke out in Ukraine, it caused a huge influx of refugees to neighboring countries, including Germany.

Thousands of people have already arrived, and, as Send Relief partners, we have continued to connect as many refugees as possible with local churches. We know that as the war continues, thousands more are expected to arrive, and it will force people to seek shelter.

If it’s not the conflict itself, the worsening economic situation due to the war is also causing a flood of Ukrainian refugees to flee their homeland.

In our region alone, more than 15,000 have arrived, and we’ve been serving these families with gifts of food, clothes, transportation, furniture, appliances and medical attention.

A local church we’re partnering with is also providing a nursing home for elderly refugees and has transformed their sanctuary into a facilitation center for the needs of incoming refugees, specifically widows and children orphaned by the war.

Many churches are beginning to feel overwhelmed by the growing number of needs, so, by helping these churches in picking up some expenses, we are freeing them up to do more evangelistic services as we send supplies into the country to families who were unable to escape.

As we cooperate with more church efforts, it’s become a beautiful illustration of how churches can join forces to help people—what one church can’t do on its own, it can do well together with others.

We praise the Lord for local churches that have responded to these pressing humanitarian needs. God has answered our prayers as we asked that, in chaos, Christ is proclaimed and the gospel message will reach people in need.

Pray churches around the world will continue to respond and help those suffering due to the war, and pray resolution to this conflict would come quickly and autonomy would be restored.

Published August 9, 2023

Send Relief Staff