From Child Bride to Small Business Owner

Some people just need to be given a chance. They can take the smallest gifts and turn them into major opportunities. They just need that first bit of assistance.

In Chumi’s case, that assistance was a goat.

The housewife had little education—she became a child bride at 14. She had few resources with which to work, but when you gave her a loan to buy a goat, she saw a way to change her family’s life. For once, she felt empowered!

Chumi started a small herd of goats and then sold the original animal to buy a sewing machine. With that purchase, she started a tailoring business. And then, after Chumi paid back her loan, she took out another to invest in her husband’s business. With your seed money, she grew into an important member of her family. Pray her many endeavors will thrive as she improves life for her loved ones.

Published July 21, 2019