Former Church Persecutor Finds God Through COVID Relief in India

By Send Relief Staff

Your gifts to Send Relief amid India’s COVID crisis are helping bring people to Christ!

In the wake of lockdowns, your generosity ensured that 150 of the region’s most vulnerable families received emergency food rations. Through these distributions, many hearts were opened to the gospel and came to know Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Our partners on the ground asked national pastors distributing the food to prayerfully consider who would most benefit from this aid and were given a small gospel presentation to go along with each package.

One of these pastors returned with an answer that the Holy Spirit immediately laid a man on his heart who was well known for persecuting the church in his region. The pastor was overcome with fear as he remembered incidents of verbal harassment and disruptions during church services.

The pastor shared that, in an unexpected act of God, the man received the church’s gift with grace: “I brought the food to the man’s house and knocked on his gate. I was very scared at that time, but when the man saw me and the food, he welcomed me into his home and embraced me. That same man who persecuted my church is now faithfully attending my church because of the love we showed him in giving him food during a time of great need.”

The persecutor became the congregant that day—all because of your gifts!

As persevering pastors in India continue serving their communities, you can help more impoverished people receive life-giving food and hope of renewal in Jesus. If you would like to give a food box today, please donate below.

Help families in India now.

$25 can provide a food box for a family impacted by COVID-19


Published June 4, 2021

Send Relief Staff