Food Distributions Along the Border Lead to Salvation

By Send Relief Staff

A young couple, with a 7-year-old daughter, sleeps out in the open plains.

Having fled Cuba, the couple were hoping to reach the United States to offer their child a better life but got stranded en route to Mexico. After staying at a refugee hostel that was already overcrowded for several months, they agreed to a smuggler’s plan to get them across the border illegally. The smuggler, however, failed to follow through and robbed the couple, abandoning them with no hope.

Julius, a pastor from Cameroon, was fleeing religious persecution and seeking asylum in America.

After traveling through eight countries in South America on his journey north, Julius had witnessed multiple friends and companions tragically die along the way.

Boris, an elderly man from the Congo, traveled thousands of miles to try to reach the United States. Alone and with no points of contact at the border, Boris found himself living on the streets of a border nation.

Thankfully, Send Relief partners were able to help feed migrants along this Mexico border at a feeding center established beside a prominent detention center, as well as create a second feeding center at the Mexican national convention’s request. The centers have been able to accommodate new COVID mandates and have begun handing out packaged food baskets in light of the pandemic.

By partnering with Baptist churches in the region, Send Relief partners have been able to establish strategic distribution centers, now in five different migrant communities, that are fostering gospel relationships! Throughout the course of the year, nearly 200,000 meals have been successfully given out to families in desperate need.

As a result of these relationships with Baptist churches, important conversations were had about the hope of Jesus, and over 200 people came to Christ!

Because of this partnership, that family fleeing Cuba was able to start the legal process of migrating to the west. Even more exciting, they all accepted Jesus, have been baptized and are waiting to resettle in Canada, where they found a home church.

Similarly, Julius was able to make contact with eight brothers from Cameroon who now meet as a Bible study. After leading worship for them for several months, Julius was able to legally enter the United States and now serves as a pastor in Texas.

Boris also found hope in the Lord and was baptized. He has been joyfully working at a Send Relief refugee home and is now equipped with the funds to cross the border legally, with a community and Jesus in his heart.

A partner on the ground shared, “We praise the Lord for the provision that Send Relief has provided, allowing the purchase of food. We thank God for this because it has allowed us to fulfill the Great Commission, helping not only with the spiritual needs but also the physical needs of many migrants. All of this has allowed them to become more receptive to the gospel and even pastors have grown by seeing how God shows mercy, even in times of lacking and crisis due to the pandemic.”

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Published June 4, 2021

Send Relief Staff