Financial Literacy Inspires Women to Open Businesses

By Send Relief Staff

“After participating in the personal finance training class, I started doing it in my own household. What I thought was small turned out to have a big impact on my family’s financial life. I began to be able to organize my expenses every month and began disciplining myself not to buy insignificant things. Even my little ones have started saving!”

“I am grateful that through this ministry I have been given the opportunity to be able to open my shop in front of my house. Besides that, I am increasingly disciplining myself to better manage my finances and help other women learn what I have so that they can start their own businesses, too.”

“I am very grateful for this financial training! Apart from learning to manage finances and a home business, I also learned to be thrifty. No matter how little money we have, if we are disciplined in saving, we will see results.”

These are testimonies from three women who attended financial literacy classes in Southeast Asia because of your generosity!

Local believers trained women who were identified as the most vulnerable: the widowed, divorced or impoverished. Because, culturally, women in this region are often responsible for the financial stability of the home, these classes were able to bring entire households out of poverty.

Because of you, 50 women across four communities now can feed their children consistently, start small businesses and come alongside their friends in need to help them learn the vocational and financial skills recently acquired in class.

Thank you for empowering women in poverty to support their families!

Pray for these women’s businesses to survive the ongoing COVID-19 lockdown and economic hardships and pray for the gospel to continue to be spread through these trainings.

*Name changed for security

Published February 11, 2021

Send Relief Staff