Factory Chains Shut Down as Pandemic Worsens in India

By Send Relief Staff

Jonathan and his entire family work hard in factories all day to provide for their needs, but pandemic lockdowns recently forced full manufacturing chain plants to close.

Left without any income, his family— like thousands of others—lived without electricity and little food to share.

Sadly, Jonathan’s story is not unique in a region of South Asia mainly populated by day-laborers living hand-to-mouth. As COVID rates continue to climb, many of these already vulnerable families have lost their primary breadwinners to the virus, compounding their grief with practical struggles to remain housed and fed.

“So many of our partners and friends have died. And countless people across our state can’t find jobs, leaving them with no way to provide for their families. Many people are down to almost nothing, but hurting families remain sacrificially generous. One lady I know gave her neighbor seven eggs, a few dollars and a little bread—all her last,” a project director in the area said.

Thanks to your gifts to the Global Hunger Relief fund, nearly 2,000 residents of this impoverished region received rice, flour, lentils, oil and other essentials to last them through the month! These gifts were a tremendous blessing to the families who needed food.

Through these distributions, teams gained access to communities that had previously proved extremely difficult to access and had remained closed to the gospel message.

One team leader commented, “Every family felt extremely grateful for the gifts of food, and we look forward with great anticipation and expectation to see what spiritual fruit will continue to grow from these blessings!”

You never know how your gifts will translate to gospel conversations! To help more families struggling with food insecurity, give to the Global Hunger Relief fund today.

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Published August 8, 2022

Send Relief Staff