Facing the Children’s HIV Crisis in Zimbabwe

By Send Relief Staff

In one rural district of Zimbabwe, the HIV infection rate is at an all-time high.

While many villagers are learning to live with the disease, several communities have lost family members who were the sole breadwinners, leaving behind orphans who are struggling with HIV, too.

The region is a drought-prone area that doesn’t yield many crops. Those living with HIV are hit the hardest by these famines because they need healthy, consistent diets to balance their drug regimens.

After the Baptist churches of Zimbabwe reached out about the ongoing healthcare and food crises, Send Relief partners identified 50 HIV-positive children who were in immediate need of emergency assistance.

These children and their caregivers received soap, sugar, rice, beef, fish and other necessities thanks to your generosity!

Our partners shared the gospel with each child through games and short Bible lessons that were catered to their age groups. Because misinformation about COVID-19 has also been an issue in the area, presentations were given on important preventative measures.

“The feeding project was crucial this year because of the pandemic. It made a big difference in the children’s lives, as food shortages have heightened in the community recently,” a distributor commented. “Now, all the children are currently in good health! Many of them now attend AWANA meetings every Saturday morning and are learning Scripture.”

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Published May 17, 2023

Send Relief Staff