Engaging Clarkston for the Holidays

Located just outside Atlanta, the city of Clarkston, often called “the Ellis Island of the South,” boasts one of the most diverse populations in the United States. With 60-70% of its residents being foreign-born, Clarkston is a vibrant community where over 50 countries and 100 distinct ethnic groups coexist within a compact 1.4-square-mile area.

In a display of community collaboration, the Atlanta Ministry Center in Clarkston, GA, recently organized Thanksgiving and Christmas Outreach events for the Hispanic community, offering them a unique opportunity to celebrate these holidays and hear the gospel. For many attendees, these events marked their first Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations in the United States.

The Thanksgiving Outreach event, held on Saturday, November 18th, was a joint effort between the Atlanta Ministry Center, Eagles Landing First Baptist Church, Gospel Hope Hispanic, and Clarkston International Bible Church. The event provided an opportunity for 45 individuals to hear the gospel and fellowship with community members.

Building on the success of the Thanksgiving event, the Christmas Outreach event took place on December 23rd in partnership with Clarkston International Bible Church, Generational Church, and Christ Covenant Church. Even more members of the Hispanic community in Clarkston attended the event, with 30 people having the opportunity to hear the gospel and 70 individuals receiving Christmas gifts.

These outreach events underscore the importance of unity, compassion, and the power of community partnerships. With your support, The Atlanta Ministry Center’s efforts are fostering a sense of togetherness and support for the Hispanic community in Clarkston during the holiday season.

Published January 8, 2024