Emergency Food Distribution Leads to New House Church in Southeast Asia

By Send Relief Staff

When a Send Relief Southeast Asia partner asked Mr. Dee who he thought would benefit the most from emergency food boxes, he immediately shared the names of his friends who were not yet believers.

Mr. Dee was concerned for their spiritual salvation and their physical survival amid the first waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. Equipped with a bag of groceries and the gospel he so dearly treasured, Mr. Dee asked to make the deliveries himself, so he could share what Jesus had done in his own life.

On Mr. Dee’s very first delivery to his friend Mr. Adi, Mr. Adi made the decision to ask Jesus into his heart and even wanted to get baptized the next day!

Mr. Dee, Mr. Adi and our partner piled onto a single motorcycle to look for the nearest water source, and Mr. Adi soon made a public profession of faith that led to the formation of a new house church in the city. This is just one example of just how impactful one small act of faith can be!

Through this project, Mr. Adi and 850 others received emergency food rations that they desperately needed to survive the month.

One of the project volunteers commented, “These food relief efforts also provided inspiration for a local pastor to try a long-term community development project, and many Baptist leaders and lower-income communities gave sacrificially to help contribute to the purchase of grocery food bags. God worked in great ways in believer’s hearts and actions—only in eternity will we fully know the final impact!”

Pray for Mr. Adi as he grows in his faith and for the new house churches being formed to seek God first and feel His presence as lockdowns continue!

Published May 4, 2022

Send Relief Staff