Emergency Food Delivery Saves Lives in South Asia

By Send Relief Staff

Because of generous donors like you, Batsal has been receiving life-saving dialysis for several years.

He is a believer, but his wife and daughter are not. While they struggled to make ends meet before the pandemic hit South Asia, their financial situation after months of lockdown has only worsened. This is particularly difficult for Batsal, as he requires consistent medical attention and is the sole provider for his parents and immediate family.

With all five family members living in one room, they were very worried about contracting COVID-19 and spreading it to Batsal’s elderly parents. They were getting desperate and running out of food when Send Relief partners discovered their situation and delivered emergency food rations.

Batsal’s daughter, Chaha, saw the food arrive and, immediately, her eyes filled with tears. She has never been more open to the message of the gospel than after seeing followers of Christ care deeply for her and her family’s needs.

One Send Relief partner who helped with the delivery commented, “They were so glad to receive this food. Suicides are way up in South Asia at this time, with nearly everyone not being allowed to work. Most of the recipients are considered poor, even by South Asian standards, so they had no reserves. This project made the difference between starving and surviving for many of these people.”

Thank you for caring for the people of South Asia as the pandemic continues to ravage communities living in poverty! If you would like to help more families like Batsal’s, donate below.

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Published May 18, 2022

Send Relief Staff