Education for At-Risk Kids in West Africa

By Send Relief Staff

Banya has been a widow for 13 years. Her teenage daughter, Bridgette, couldn’t attend school because Banya barely has enough money to keep food on the table, much less purchase schoolbooks and uniforms. And when Bridgette became ill, Banya couldn’t afford the medical costs of a hospital stay.

Kogi moved his wife and three sons to a larger city in search of a better life. After working tirelessly for several years as a work-for-hire farmer, Kogi experienced an unnamable tragedy—his wife, pregnant with their fourth child, passed away from birthing complications, and doctors were also unable to save his new baby.

Faiwa is an elderly woman who was left to care for her two granddaughters after their parents died suddenly. One granddaughter lost an eye in a farming accident, making it more difficult for her to work the fields and bring in a living wage.

Send Relief partnered with a pastor in this region of West Africa and his church-run school that ministers to low-income families and orphans who are at risk of being exploited for servitude and forced labor. The school supports 250 at-risk children in their educational pursuits and also facilitates an adult literacy program for parents who are interested in learning to read and write.

Your gifts made it possible to keep the nurse’s station stocked with medical and hygiene supplies and to provide 60 orphans with a backpack, shoes, school fees, uniforms and everyday clothes this school year!

Through this ministry, many caregivers and students came to know the Lord and today, Banya’s daughter is in good health and attending school regularly with her friends. Kogi and his three sons attend classes and live shelter the church provided, shielding them from the elements, and Kogi shared that without this assistance, he doesn’t know where his family would have ended up. Faiwa’s granddaughter is being fitted for glasses that will enable her to utilize her good eye more, and Faiwa herself has been taken under the wing of a local church ministry.

Pray for these children and their extended family members to discover what new life in Christ truly means and, if you would like to continue providing care for vulnerable children overseas, you may give below.

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Published July 28, 2021

Send Relief Staff