Educating a Generation

For many families, the key to breaking cycles of generational poverty is education.

Gaining access to good schools, however, is easier said than done for those struggling to find steady income in the villages of Southeast Asia. Many children are needed at home to work the land, and parents are often overwhelmed with trying to find creative ways to keep food on the table. Often, even if they are somehow able to carve out time to continue their education, there aren’t many resources or trainings available in the surrounding areas.

That’s where you helped change these families’ narratives.

This past year, you funded the creation of mini libraries for 15 communities. Each one of these populations were chosen specifically because they had no access to English books or translation services, but now Send Relief partners are providing conversation classes, college-level writing assistance, and kids’ English clubs at what is now being called The English Center.

One mother who was left destitute and alone with her small toddler found community at The Center and was able to receive some desperately needed care. Despite being ousted from her home and cut off from financial support, this young lady managed to be consistent with her classes and, as a result of the friendships found there, knew she had a safe place to process her grief and seek advice about moving forward.

The Center has since grown enough for teachers to offer mock interviews, health and nutrition workshops, and leadership trainings to help those eager to learn present the best versions of themselves to the world. In fact, the programs have expanded so quickly that Send Relief partners are now working in nine new regions! So many meaningful relationships have developed at the Center, and partners have been encouraged at the positive response and investment from surrounding villages.

The libraries you helped start now contain over 10,000 volumes and are visited anywhere between 100-200 times a week! Over 2,000 card-carrying members are now able to attend educational seminars that help children, single parents, and university students alike navigate the education system in Southeast Asia.

Thank you for giving the gift of schooling to hundreds of new scholars! Make a contribution today to help others get the education they need to become self-sufficient members of society!

Published January 5, 2020