Destroyed Ukrainian Tank Becomes Site of Miraculous Conversion

As the war in Ukraine continues, Ukrainian cities and villages are still recovering from the winter’s destruction of crops and the electrical systems failure due to repeated Russian bombings.

As of this summer, many families have chosen to return to Ukraine and create a new normal amid the constant air raid sirens and shellings. While most homes still haven’t been repaired, the summer season has brought a new sense of hope.

Send Relief teams remain on the ground working to establish soup kitchens, provide emergency food rations and tend to vulnerable communities like the disadvantaged, elderly and ill.

A project director in the region shared the following testimony of what God is doing:

“During our last trip, the team visited remote villages near Chernobyl, the last area where people are still alive and radiation no longer lingers. There are no grocery stores in the area, so the only way to get food is by private car once a month—and only once a month.

As we drove along the road distributing food, we came across a woman who looked very sad. Initially, we drove past, but something in our hearts told us to stop and go back for her. When we approached, we told her Jesus loves her very much.

She responded, ‘I know! I was just walking and praying to Him actually.’

We let her know we had a little gift and grocery bags for her, and she couldn’t believe it. Immediately, she began weeping and, after a moment of silence, looked up and told us that her house had run out of food, and she didn’t even have enough money to buy bread.

She had just prayed to the Lord to please feed and take care of her, and God didn’t hesitate to answer! That day, to that woman, Jesus became a living, caring God who hears the prayers of poor widows and answers them. We could not have been more grateful to be God’s hands and feet in that moment.

The next week, we were bringing food, water, hygiene necessities and warm blankets to a different village when we stumbled upon a destroyed Ukrainian tank. A father and son had died together, right on the spot.

As we took a moment, a car pulled up, and a gentleman walked up. His name was Igor, and we were able to share some of Jesus’ story with him as we talked.

Igor told us that his wife had died in the war, leaving him to parent their sons alone. As we gave him food parcels, we asked if he would like to accept Christ, and he did!

The miracle was, Igor was never meant to be in that place. His house is 600 kilometers away, and he was just giving a ride to a soldier when he saw us. Somehow, he happened to be there at the perfect time because we also weren’t supposed to make that stop, but God knew.”

We’re so grateful for your aid and generosity in helping the people of Ukraine. If you would like to help even more war survivors in the region, give here now.

Published September 18, 2023