Delivering Bibles in Former Communist Romania

By Send Relief Staff

On a humid summer day in Communist Romania, Dmitri trudged along a road leading to a remote village. He was on a mission to deliver six illegal Bibles to the village leaders who had requested them. It was dangerous work, and Dmitri was exhausted.

Suddenly, Dmitri heard the roar of a Russian military car speeding up the road behind him. At the sight of militiamen, he froze.

A soldier shouted in his direction, “You! What do you have in that bag?”

Dmitri began sweating and responded with the first answer that sprung to mind, “Bread.” The Bible was technically the Bread of Life, after all.

“What kind of bread?” the man demanded.

In Romania, the privileged Communist elite had access to fresh, white bread, while everyone else ate cheap, stale black bread. Knowing this and remembering the Bible covers were dark, Dmitiri responded, “Black bread!”

The soldier grimaced and dismissed him with a wave of his hand.

Then, a spirit of boldness rose up in Dmitri, and he asked, “Officer, if you are going this way, could you take me with you?” The man shrugged, and Dmitri hopped into the back of the militia vehicle with his precious bag of Bibles.

At the next village, Dmitri hopped off and discovered it was the exact address he’d been asked to deliver the Bibles to. God had used a Communist military envoy to help Dmitri deliver the Word of God they so detested.

This is just one of many stories Dmitri shares with the people of New York City as a Send Relief ministry center volunteer. His journey from a once-oppressed country to America, where he now serves as a missionary, is no less than miraculous.

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Taylor Field is a Send Relief missionary serving in New York City.

Published April 22, 2022

Send Relief Staff