COVID Crisis in India Worsens

India is in crisis.

With over 350,000 COVID cases being registered every day, even the hospitals in major cities like New Delhi are at capacity. Severe shortages of oxygen and critical care supplies are making it increasingly difficult for the already overworked healthcare professionals to care for patients.

Send Relief partners are mobilizing to distribute face masks, portable oxygenators and food. They are also conducting awareness campaigns to teach preventative measures in response to the crisis.

Send Relief’s South Asia area director Tim Patterson commented, “It’s been a slow onset that has rapidly accelerated over the past week, but thankfully now the large media outlets are covering it and the government is doing its best to respond. It’s snowballed, and we’ve reached the crescendo this week. Send Relief is proactively reaching out to try to help.”

It’s help that’s desperately needed. Suffering people in India are waiting in long lines outside hospitals just to be assessed but, upon admittance, many discover a shortage of hospital beds and support equipment. With more than 3,000 deaths documented every day, families are constructing makeshift funeral pyres and holding mass cremations to mourn their loved ones.

Those who were already struggling with poverty and undernourishment are suffering the most from this outbreak. Especially with most of the nation in lockdown and healthcare workers struggling to maintain their pace, vulnerable communities like the elderly and children are the most at-risk populations.

This crisis has exacerbated the circumstances of impoverished families, leaving many without food. Forty percent of India’s children already suffer chronic malnutrition, but the food crisis is steadily escalating that number and could threaten the wellbeing of an entire generation.

Pray for families who are struggling to find food for their children and for those who are suffering the effects of the outbreak.

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Published May 3, 2021