Convicted Murderer Finds Salvation in Prison

By Send Relief Staff

Your gifts to Global Hunger Relief have changed the lives of hungry and hurting people all around the globe, but you are also helping vulnerable populations right here in North America. In fact, your gifts to GHR help Send Relief serve at-risk communities in ways you may not expect.

One of these unexpected ministries you help support is Freeway Ministries in Omaha, Nebraska. Freeway offers a program dedicated to helping men who struggle with substance abuse or who are transitioning from a period of incarceration. The men’s home accommodates 15-20 occupants at a time, and they are encouraged to nurture their relationship to Christ while learning new life skills to ensure their sobriety.

Once a week, this ministry provides a worship service alongside a free, Global Hunger Relief-provided meal and childcare. Freeway vans across the city are rented and circulated to pick up families and men who don’t have transportation and, if participants are uncomfortable coming because of a lack of clean clothes, a closet is made available to them to choose a new outfit.

One of the recent graduates of this program is using the discipleship course material to share the gospel and witness to inmates. Recently, he led a convicted murder to the Lord. While requesting to remain anonymous, this man asked to share his story with you, the donor, in the hopes that others will know the love of Jesus and continue supporting similar ministries through Global Hunger Relief. Below is this brother in Christ’s testimony, in his own words.

My name isn’t important, but the story I’m about to tell you is.

I came from a good family but fell into the mainstream of drugs and alcohol when I was a kid. At 15 years old, I beat my girlfriend to death due to the violent stupor of drugs. I was so high I couldn’t feel anything except hate and rage.

I was sent to a maximum-security prison where I have spent most of my life. Since coming to prison, I’ve committed horrible acts of violence including murder.

Then, one day, a friend opened the Bible and asked if he could read a little bit to me. After over 40 years in prison, I gave my life to the Lord.

Now, instead of killing my fellow inmates, I’m giving them the shirts off my back—literally. Sometimes, it is still a struggle because the devil had me for more than 57 years, but then the Lord snatched me out of his grasp. Every day, the devil is knocking at the door, but I’m not letting him in. I’ll be 60 in a couple of years, and I’m never getting out of prison.

But I’ve changed my life around. I’ve given up all my addictions!

Now, I’m going to church and reading the Bible every day. I’ve surrounded myself with fellow Christians, and I’m walking a spiritual path. I know this phrase has been said many times, but I promise you this—if I can change my life and get on my knees and give myself to the Lord, anyone can do the same.

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Published July 13, 2021

Send Relief Staff