Combating the Clean Water Crisis in Southeast Asia

Combating the Clean Water Crisis in Southeast Asia

By Send Relief Staff

In one prominent nation in Southeast Asia, over 100,000 children die from waterborne illnesses every year.

With over 100 million citizens lacking access to clean drinking water, most families in the country draw water from lakes and rivers to clean and bathe. Drinking water, however, is another story.

Finding bottled water can prove challenging. It is often too expensive for the nation’s many blue-collar workers. As an alternative, many families boil water as a safety measure. All too often, however, this water remains too saturated with bacteria leading to major health issues that can cause entire villages to fall ill overnight.

With your help, Send Relief changed this dire situation for one community!

After distributing over 1,000 ceramic water filters, our partners hosted trainings focusing on education about clean water sources and proper sanitation techniques to help people keep their families safe and healthy.

The gospel presentations at each training led to nearly 150 people professing their faith for the first time!

Local village leaders and government workers thanked Send Relief partners for investing in their country.

After the project, one family shared, “It was hard to find kerosene that wasn’t too expensive, and there’s no more smoke in my house because we don’t have to boil our water anymore! At first, I was nervous about using the ceramic water filter, but after I tried it, I had no more health problems. I became convinced it worked. Now, even my neighbors use one!”

This project opened many doors in a country that had expressed hostility toward the gospel. Recipients started several new house churches that are now sharing their newfound hope with their neighbors!

Thank you for making transformative clean water projects like this possible. If you want to donate ceramic water filters to more communities, give below now!

The gift of water is the gift of life.

Help families in need gain access to clean drinking water!


Published July 14, 2022

Send Relief Staff