Clean Water Program Introduces Indonesians to the Living Water

Thanks in part to the generosity of Send Relief donors, Indonesians aren’t just getting fresh water through the work of the local partners, they are finding new life in Jesus Christ.

During the most recent project period, the clean water team—along with its various partners—provided 1,166 clean water filters that helped more than 4,600 people in Indonesia. While handing out the filters, they also shared the gospel.

The team met Mr. Jaja and Mrs. Nining, a married couple who worked together in a micro-business producing and selling palm sugar. After giving them a water filter, they taught the couple how to use it in the context of their business.

“While they did that, they were able to engage the couple in conversation and share the gospel,” said one of the program organizers. “They challenged the couple to believe in Jesus, and both professed faith in Jesus through a simple prayer of faith and repentance.”

Now the team in Indonesia prays the couple will follow Jesus in baptism. Between June 2021 and June 2022, the local team and its partners baptized 21 people in connection with the program.

The team has also started 40 small groups with which they are following up. Approximately 15 of those groups could be classified as house churches. Partners started another eight groups.

“Some of these are seeing generational growth. Our national team is carrying out training for leaders and potential leaders of these house churches,” said one of the program leaders.

Mr. Maman and Mrs. Cucu lived in a small shack on property they managed for a landowner. During a local community distribution by the clean water team, the couple received a water filter. As the team followed up with the couple, they talked about spiritual matters.

When the couple told the them that they were open to everyone despite being Muslim, they began sharing Bible stories starting with creation, Adam and Eve, Noah and Abraham.

“After those stories, the team shared the story of Jesus the Messiah as the great sacrifice for our sins,” a program organizer said. “A simple invitation was given to believe, at which point they professed faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior.”

Through the Sanitation and Clean Water Community Education Program, the Clean Water team and its partners trained 4,224 people in clean water and sanitation habits.

Published May 8, 2024