Christmas Cheer for Special Needs and Foster Families

By Send Relief Staff

Foster families and families affected by autism came to Send Relief’s Valdosta ministry center continued for a drive-through Christmas light experience last month.

This free night of family fun included not only Christmas lights but a gospel presentation and lasting memories. This year, 450 foster families and 300 families affected by autism were treated to a half-mile-long light show depicting the creation story, Noah’s ark and the nativity scene.

After completing the light experience, families watched Christmas movies, worked on crafts, attend the petting zoo and played on an inflatable obstacle course.

One volunteer shared, “Some nights are hectic, loud and require top customer service skills, while others are slow and relaxed; but either way, as of Christmas Eve, we had over 10,000 people come through to see the hands and feet of Christ at work. We’ve also had many families ask about getting their children more involved as a result!”

The event is staffed nearly entirely by teens who grew up attending ministry center events, volunteer foster families and individuals people in need of additional income over Christmas.

“It’s truly a blessing to see people come together using their God-given talents—whether it’s handling money, electrical knowledge, organizational skills or IT issues—to put together an event that tells the gospel through lights and illustrates the loving care of Christians in their community,” a ministry center staff member commented.

Please pray for ministry center staff and volunteers to have more opportunities to share the love of God with vulnerable families in Georgia.

Published January 13, 2022

Send Relief Staff