Christian Persecutor in the Philippines Finds God at Send Relief Training

By Send Relief Staff

Charles killed people for a living.

As a campaigning communist and fervent atheist, he proudly persecuted believers, especially those living in rural regions without access to news outlets and human rights lawyers. Their isolation gave him the cover he needed to oppress entire communities without repercussions.

He told our Send Relief partners that he believed his existence was meaningless and listlessly walked through life with a sense of hopelessness and futility. They met through a Send Relief training program in the Philippines, where our teams trained participants in agricultural best practices, community development and animal husbandry.

Along with 250 other individuals, Charles heard the gospel. He graduated with the training necessary to help lift their communities out of poverty and provide for families amid the challenges of the pandemic.

Charles shared, “Christ gradually changed my mind and heart. It’s hard for me to believe that God loves me and accepts me as His child. I’m happy I still have time to serve God and my family because I regret all I did before. I have given my life to God. I’m committed to Him, so now, even if I die, I will die in Christ. I would like to thank everyone who prayed for us even though they didn’t know us and for their support through these trainings. I appreciate prayer as I continue serving God and preaching the good news.”

Pray for Charles to grow in his faith and use his powerful testimony to share the love of Jesus with his countrymen. And pray for our teams in the Philippines to remain bold with their witness.

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Published October 6, 2022

Send Relief Staff