Chicken Farming Empowers Unemployed Villager

Peter returned home from his job several provinces away. He wanted to be there to raise his children and spend time with his wife. But he soon discovered there were not enough jobs in his rural community to provide for his family.

Peter was getting desperate when Send Relief teams arrived in his village with chicks and trainers to facilitate a chicken farming program.

Send Relief partners not only trained families in how to properly raise healthy chickens, they also coached them on how to market their wares to local vendors, outdoor markets and other villages. Now, Peter is making even more money than he was working away from home, and he gets to stay in his village with his wife and children.

This Giving Tuesday, you have the opportunity to help families just like Peter’s stay together and keep food on the table by donating $25 in our one-day Chicken Challenge! Your gifts can make the difference between children in rural villages growing up with a father or not.

Published November 20, 2020