Central Asia Earthquake Recovery

By Natalie Sarrett

Earlier this year, a devastating 6.8 magnitude earthquake struck Central Asia, causing more than 40 casualties and the destruction of entire neighborhoods.

More than 1,600 people incurred severe injuries that required hospitalization—at least 45 of those were buried alive by wreckage until their miraculous rescue.

A town that is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area was hit particularly hard, and a local resident, Gulya*, told us that after several skyscrapers collapsed, “Everybody was in the street. It was very powerful, very scary. Furniture fell on top of us and we rushed outside.”

The region’s authorities requested immediate and urgent humanitarian assistance to aid in disaster relief and recovery efforts, and you helped Send Relief respond.

Our partners dispatched teams to distribute food, blankets and heaters to those most impacted.

Additionally, due to structural damages, the region faced a sudden water shortage, and the few water sources that were readily accessible to the community were contaminated by debris. Send Relief provided clean water to these neighborhoods—one of which had more than 75 buildings collapse in on themselves.

One local team leader commented, “The remarkable generosity of [Send Relief] drives our ability to provide relief and assists us on timely ground support. We are grateful for your trust.”

Many of the residents were still learning to cope with such overwhelming loss, so mental health support was provided in the form of post-trauma healing workshops. A partner who is also a mental health professional commented on the state of the community, “Emotionally, many families have lost loved ones. There is tremendous shock and grief. Having someone to just listen and cry with you is so important right now.”

You helped Send Relief minister to 400 people suffering the drastic effects of this natural disaster. 75 of these survivors heard the gospel for the first time.

Pray for the families spared to find comfort and for those who lost loved ones to experience the overwhelming love of God as they grieve.

To help more communities recover from disasters like this, go to sendrelief.org/donate and give today!

*name changed for security

Published August 19, 2020