Carpet Weaving Helps Oppressed Women Escape Drug Lords

By Send Relief Staff

In one volatile nation in Central Asia, scores of displaced women forced by rogue anti-government groups resettle in unfamiliar villages.

Many of these women grew up in a region run by drug lords, falling victim to addiction at very young ages after their mothers began mixing tea with opium to keep them quiet.

One of these women, Hoda, had to start to financially provide for her family as a child because of her mother and brother’s rampant opium addictions.

Because of the weaving job skills project that you helped fund, Hoda—and 30 other women in similarly dire situations—received food rations, health and literacy lessons and carpet-weaving vocational training to help them start a new life.

“Hoda feels so grateful to have a safe place to work, and her mom can come to the facility now as well to spin our wool. Hoda was so happy to see her mother working instead of wandering the streets, which was often the case before. They both provide for their family of 12 now, putting food on the table every meal and giving her brother the physical strength he needs to continue fighting his addiction,” the project manager shared.

These women now weave gorgeous carpets and have developed a sense of empowerment as they tangibly see their progress and accomplishments.

Many women whose fathers or brothers would not allow them to attend school have now re-enrolled to further their education and lift their families out of poverty. In total, the impact of this training program has impacted nearly 200 people!

The work doesn’t stop here.

You can help even more women living under oppressive regimes find work and healing by funding a similar job skills training program—click here to learn more and donate today.

Published January 12, 2023

Send Relief Staff