Caribbean Refugees in Guatemala Find Hope in Food Boxes

By Send Relief Staff

After more than 40,000 refugees from one Caribbean nation fled their homeland, they were resettled in a small town along the Guatemala-Mexico border.

This border village’s infrastructure was not ready to support an influx of such a large community, and the local government has been struggling to find ways to house and feed these refugee families.

Many go without food for days at a time, and children are struggling malnutrition and disease.

Knowing the hardships these refugees face every day, pastors from several small churches in the region began forgoing their own salaries, using the funds to provide what small amount of food they could afford.

But because of your generosity, over the past year, Send Relief has stepped in to help. These underserved refugee families and their children have had access to nutritious food boxes every month.

Generous local pastors no longer have to sacrifice their income, the Caribbean refugee children no longer have to wonder where their next meal is coming from and, most importantly, everyone involved has been told the Good News of the Great Provider.

Thank you for feeding the hungry! Your gifts to Send Relief go to communities like these who are in desperate need of practical help and lasting hope. If you would like to help more pastors and families in need, donate now!

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Published January 26, 2022

Send Relief Staff