Cancer Center Leads Patient to Christ in Final Days

By Send Relief Staff

Yun was diagnosed with breast cancer unexpectedly in middle age.

With only one family member living in her city, Yun was left distraught and scared to battle her health crisis alone.

Knowing of her loneliness and need for medical attention, a friend brought Yun to a Send Relief-funded palliative care center and enrolled her in a support group. As Yun’s condition worsened, she required more and more assistance with daily tasks and transportation for hospital visits.

One of our partners, Gracie, was able to take Yun to doctor’s appointments and, when COVID made it necessary to discontinue regular support meetings, she began calling Yun every day to check in on her mental and physical health. Through this relationship, Yun became more open to hearing about God’s love for her, and she eventually accepted Christ as her Savior.

The center’s chaplain arranged for a local church pastor to baptize Yun in her hospice unit several weeks before her passing. While Yun’s death brought great sorrow to those who knew her, Yun’s legacy carried on.

Family members who had come to say goodbye and help care for Yun in her final weeks were touched by the compassion and care given to her in those last days and began inquiring about the faith she had come to hold dear. Eventually, some of Yun’s extended family also accepted Christ and are now in regular contact with the center’s chaplain as they grow in their faith.

Your gifts made it possible for this center to keep up operations during the pandemic and serve people like Yun who needed community as they transitioned into the next life. By continuing to serve cancer patients and their families when other organizations had stopped during lockdown, the center’s staff gained great respect in the local community and built rapport with other hospital staff, opening up the opportunity for future partnerships.

Pray for the center to find additional competent staff workers as the need for palliative care grows and pray for the gospel to be shared with these hurting families as they face their loved ones’ final days.

Published May 20, 2021

Send Relief Staff