Bridging Generations – A Week of Service

In just seven days, Bridge of Faith Community Church witnessed incredible transformation through fellowship and service. In partnership with Send Network, Bridge of Faith worked with two distinct groups, known amicably as “the farmers” from the First Baptist Church of Braymer, Missouri, and the players from the Aurora University Football team in Illinois, united as one mission team in Rockaway Beach, Missouri. Together, they collaborated to help Bridge of Faith Community Church build up their church campus, forging friendships and bridging generational gaps along the way.

Amidst construction framing and precise decking of roofs, deep bonds formed as ‘the farmers’ generously imparted their wisdom, teaching and mentoring the young football players. In return, the players enthusiastically met the farmers, pouring energy and spirit into the shared mission. By the end of the week, the mission team put in hours of tiresome work, making impressive strides in building college mentor housing and playgrounds for Bridge of Faith’s church campus.

Though the physical labor was an impressive feat, the display of fellowship, service and faith shared by two generations made the biggest impact. While these individuals only had one week together, their friendships were strong. When a couple of the farmers had to cut their time with the team short and head home early, they were joyfully overwhelmed with hugs and encouragement from the football players they met just days before. The time spent humbly serving alongside each other in Jesus’ name laid the foundation for deep Christian friendships and immediate impact on the community around them.

The Bridge of Faith Community Church, whose mission is to transform generations that transform communities, saw the vision become reality as an older generation shared faith and workmanship with a younger generation, building up each other and the local church. Because of this team’s efforts, the vision for the college mentor cabins is coming to life, and children will enjoy their newly built playgrounds.

Yet, the ripple of community impact did not stop at the borders of Rockaway Beach. As this mission team prepared to depart for their respective homes in Braymer, Missouri, and Aurora, Illinois, they carried with them testimonies of God’s goodness. These testimonies exemplify the unity of the Church body, working together for His great and glorious purposes.

Published April 16, 2024