Bridge of Faith Meets Christmas Needs

In Rockaway Beach, Missouri, Bridge of Faith Community Church is focused on reaching their neighbors with gospel hope while meeting needs in the community. As a Send Relief affiliate ministry center, the church provides a broad range of services, from community gardening to job skills training.

Last month, the church stepped up to fill an additional need for those participating in their programs—an affordable Christmas store.

This invitation-only event for those already being served by the church’s ministries was designed to assist families facing financial challenges. What set this initiative apart was its commitment to preserving the dignity of parents by allowing them to purchase gifts for their children at 50% or more off retail prices.

More than 40 families participated in the Affordable Christmas Store, finding joy in selecting gifts for their loved ones. A grateful mother expressed her deep appreciation, acknowledging that without this ministry, providing such gifts would have been an impossible feat.

The heart of the project extended beyond the storefront. Volunteers from the church dedicated their time to running the store and wrapping gifts for parents. For the student ministry team, this was an opportunity to connect with the parents of the kids who attended church through the bus ministry. They had meaningful gospel conversations and established relationships that might not have happened otherwise.

The generosity of outside volunteers and donors played a pivotal role. Many church partners, volunteersand supporters contributed toys and monetary donations, ensuring a wide range of gift options for children of all ages. The Affordable Christmas Store became a tangible representation of the community coming together to make a difference.

But the impact didn’t stop there. When parents purchased gifts at the store, the funds were reinvested in other outreach ministries of the church, creating a beautiful cycle of giving.

Pray for the parents who came to the Affordable Christmas Store. Pray they come to know the Lord, experiencing a transformation that would ripple through generations and ultimately impact the entire community.

Published January 19, 2024