Bathtub Baptisms During India’s Lockdown

By Send Relief Staff

India is currently experiencing a horrific rise in COVID infections and deaths, which has led to further lock downs and loss of jobs.

Hospitals and medical staff are overwhelmed. With oxygen supplies and patient bed availability at an all-time low, the nation is in crisis. In one of the major cities greatly affected by the pandemic, many people are without jobs and lack food and basic living essentials.

Send Relief is partnering with a local church to provide food, medical supplies and an oxygen concentrator to serve over 400 vulnerable people suffering from COVID-19.

One of our partners shared, “India is really suffering right now, as you know, and we are not able to do many parts of our work like normal. But the help of Send Relief has blessed thousands of people in need and opened many doors for teaching, training and gospel sharing. Praise Jesus for how he uses you to bless and serve the hurting and lost! The oxygen tanks that you have supplied are already being used to save lives. We are using them for two types of people: those that are rejected at the hospitals due to a bed shortage and those who are forced to leave the hospital because they are not sick enough or as close to death as others. Our partners are very thankful because oxygen tanks are almost impossible to get these days.”

Our team on the ground has trained national believers in evangelism and theology so that they may better serve the hurting people attending these distributions and, as a result, nearly 20 devout Muslims heard the gospel for the first time! Several new brothers and sisters have chosen to get baptized, with a local pastor conducting baptisms right in their home’s bathtub.

Several women who got baptized shared that they had been skeptical of the pastor’s initial gospel presentation, but the fact that the church reached out during this COVID crisis cemented their commitment to Christ, as they saw they would still have a family if they left Islam.

Pray that food, medical equipment and supplies will arrive on time to help more families in need and pray for national partners as they work with local government to discover and help the most vulnerable. If you would like to help more hurting people in India, give below.

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Published July 13, 2021

Send Relief Staff