American Churches Remind Sudanese Refugees They Are Loved

By Send Relief Staff

Aamira and her family had been sick for several months and were unable to leave their home due to COVID lockdowns in their region.

Being refugees in a strange new country with no relationships in their host community, they didn’t have friends or family nearby to ask for medicine, food or help while they were bedridden. Eventually, they ran out of food, and the illness worsened.

Unfortunately, hardships like the ones Aamira’s family was facing are common in new refugee communities.

Thankfully, Send Relief partners were aware of their situation and delivered emergency food rations just in time for Aamira and her family to regain their strength.

Over the past few years of the Sudan and South Sudan conflict, Uganda has become a host country for many refugee families who are fleeing their home villages due to violence and political unrest. Many Sudanese families are living like Aamira’s, with no meaningful relationships aside from their immediate family and little-to-no income due to pandemic restrictions in the country.

Send Relief teams have been delivering food boxes to these families and sharing the gospel with refugees in need of hope.

“The Sudanese community has been so thankful for the aid they received in this critical time of need,” says a Send Relief partner in the area. “All the people who received food are Muslims, but most—if not all—are questioning their Islamic faith because of this food distribution done by Christians. Several have shared that this has given them the push they needed to begin seeking Jesus, and on two separate occasions we’ve been stopped by the community leaders and asked to share the gospel with their leadership.”

Because of this warm reception, our partners have gained access to other new communities that were previously closed to any kind of gospel presentation! Not only have our partners been granted admission, several villages even requested they come and share who Jesus is. Some new Sudanese believers have also begun sharing the gospel with their friends, and it is a common occurrence for strangers who never received food to show up on our partners’ doorsteps asking to learn about a man called Christ.

“A woman who had received food kept thanking me for the help she was receiving, and I told her it was a gift from the churches in America and Christians there wanted her to know she is loved and not forgotten,” said one volunteer. “I told her it is because of the love of Jesus that they were helping.”

Thank you for being a Church that cares for its members across the globe—you are changing lives with your gifts! To help more families like Aamira’s, give food boxes this Giving Tuesday.

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Published November 19, 2021

Send Relief Staff