A Young Girl’s Dream To Be a “Jesus Worker”

By Send Relief Staff

Nandita* was a tiny, bashful 7-year-old girl when she first came to Lighthouse Girls Center.*

One day, as she played in front of her own home, Nandita was struck in a hit-and-run and rushed to the hospital.

She sustained and suffered many injuries, including a mangled foot. The center’s staff paid for all her surgeries and prayed over her as she entered recovery.

Weeks of confusing doctor’s visits and painful bandage changes would shadow her young life, and Nandita eventually asked her father to start taking her to church so she could find comfort and support from her Lighthouse friends.

Soon after attending, Nandita’s father trusted Jesus and was baptized as a result!

As she got older and attended physical therapy, Nandita began proclaiming she wanted to be a “Jesus worker” when she grew up.

These dreams faded eight years later when, at age 15, Nandita forcefully entered an arranged marriage. Her husband beat her regularly.

Nandita shared, “I know Jesus is with me, no matter how challenging and trouble-filled my days seem. I am allowed to tutor foreigners who come to my home and study the Bible, but I am the only Christian in my community. Please pray for the strengthening of my faith and for my husband and in-laws to find salvation so that we can serve as Jesus’ workers together someday.”

As Lighthouse Girls Center approaches its 10th anniversary, pray for Nandita and the other 60 program graduates to find healing in their unhealthy and abusive family systems. Please pray for continued strength as they navigate life’s hardships and for the Lord to answer Nandita’s prayer to serve as a compassionate worker for Christ.

*Name of institution and subject changed for security.

Published May 3, 2023

Send Relief Staff