A Village Leader’s Dream Comes True

Surin is a visionary. Considered a leader by a village about 30 miles from his home, he has big dreams for his community. But even the grandest visions can only become a reality with the necessary support.

You are the support for Surin, his community, and their vision for a prosperous future. Your gifts enabled him to attend a Send Relief leadership training with an emphasis on community development. Your gifts gave him the tools and skills necessary to help his village thrive. Because you gave, Surin has had countless opportunities to demonstrate God’s love throughout the village.

Since the training, Surin has overseen the creation of a well, complete with pipes that will carry clean water into 20 homes. He is also managing an initiative to build toilets for families who have never had one before. Such an asset would dramatically improve the sanitary conditions and quality of life for many.

He didn’t stop with water. He also led a mobile medical clinic into his village, providing critical care for those in need.

With every new project and initiative, the people in the village increasingly perceive him as a trusted, caring leader. His ongoing commitment to teaching has further endeared him to the community. He continues to lead volunteers to teach agricultural skills, English language skills, and child and youth development that he learned in the Send Relief training you helped to fund.

Much progress has been made. The future of the village is brighter than ever because you chose to care. Villagers are now regularly attending church with Surin and are discovering the power of prayer. All of this has stemmed from your decision to give to Send Relief training programs, so that a man like Surin could be equipped and empowered to serve and minister to his own community.

The development process for Surin and his village is an on-going project, as it is in every community. Join us in continuing to pray for Surin and those who live in his town, and continue to give to community development projects so that more Surins will have the chance to learn, engage, and turn their visions of a prosperous tomorrow into reality.

Give the gift of life!

Provide a community in need with clean water.


Published May 3, 2019