A Miraculous Healing Leads to New Village Church

By Send Relief Staff

Suleman’s family had advocated for 12 years for better healthcare for their father. They watched him suffer under poor advice from doctors despite spending all their savings on his medical care.

Desperate for a solution, they approached the only Christian family in their South Asian village to ask for immediate prayer.

To their astonishment, God answered their prayer. Their father’s long and painful health battle was over!

As a result of this miracle, Suleman gave his heart to the Lord. He began sharing his wonderful news with as many friends as possible. Today, at least 15 families in his remote village believe in Jesus because of that one extraordinary answer to prayer.

Over the next two months following his father’s healing, Suleman partnered with Send Relief to bring essential food and health necessities to the remaining 90 families, confident that this act of love would restore his village with some much-needed hope.

Leading his small, newly-formed church community, Suleman successfully organized the mass distribution of food ration boxes, prayer and vital hygiene items such as masks, hand sanitizer and soap.

One partner commented on his enthusiasm, “Suleman is so excited at how many villagers have heard the Good News. Having felt alone, forgotten and fearful, they were struck by the love of the Christians distributing these packages. The gospel softened their hearts, and Suleman feels emboldened and hopeful for the future of his village.”

Pray for Suleman to continue to grow in his faith and leadership abilities. Pray for these villagers to know the deep love of the One who consistently looks on them with eyes of compassion.

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Published March 21, 2023

Send Relief Staff