A Journey from Familiar Comforts to New Horizons

In the quiet town of Jefferson City, the story of Annie, a 66-year-old woman embarking on a late-life journey of independence, unfolds with the help of Send Relief’s Appalachian Ministry of the Smokies and the Samaritan House. Annie’s life, deeply rooted in the confines of her childhood home, took a turn thanks to the concerted efforts of a community determined to uplift one of its own.

The Samaritan House is a ministry of Appalachian Ministry of the Smokies (AMOS), a new Ministry Center Affiliate with Send Relief. AMOS is a poverty-relief ministry that works in partnership with the local community and Carson-Newman University. Their goal is to serve families and individuals struggling to meet basic needs.

Annie, who had spent her entire life in the same house, found herself at a crossroads when the deteriorating condition of her home and the challenges of living with a disabled brother with a drinking problem became insurmountable. Her church community, a long-standing pillar in her life, first recognized the need for intervention. Their concerns led them to seek assistancefrom AMOS and the Samaritan House.

They conducted a thorough assessment of Annie’s home. It was a small house with a big list of problems; too many significant repairs were needed for the home repair ministry to help. Annie’s church friends began talking to Annie about moving into the Samaritan House while looking for her own apartment.

Understanding the complexities of Annie’s situation, AMOS and Samaritan House began to weave a support network for her transition. Samaritan House, known for its compassionate care and support for those in need, became a temporary haven for Annie as she grappled with the decision to leave her lifelong home.

Because you give to Send Relief, AMOS was able to help Annie get back on her feet. The challenge was not simply finding her a new place to live but ensuring it was a place where she could thrive. AMOS and Send Relief’s affiliation, allows for advocacy and resources instrumental in navigating the hurdles of securing affordable housing, particularly an apartment that catered to Annie’s financial and personal needs.

Now, as Annie adapts to her new life, her story continues to inspire. She continues to stay involved with her church with weekly visits to a Tuesday night dinner and Bible study. She is thankful for all the help she received and for having a place of her own for the first time in her life.

Published February 29, 2024