A Calm in Cambodian Storms

By Send Relief Staff

When a new believer in Cambodia asked to volunteer at a Send Relief food distribution, he didn’t know he was about to have one of the scariest yet most meaningful days of his life.

Montha was on his way to a volunteer site when his father asked for help with a lumber delivery across the lake. After loading the boat with heavy wood, they started on their journey and Montha, and his father soon found themselves in the middle of an unexpectedly big storm.

As winds rocked them back and forth, a massive wave crashed into the side, causing the boat to pitch forward.

Confident the storm and waves would drive them to the bottom of the lake, Montha screamed at the sky, “Oh God, only you can save us now! Please save us!”

Later, in relaying the story to our staff, Montha said it felt as though someone had held the front of their dinghy, lifting it above the waves and saving their lives.

The young man explained to his bewildered father that he believed God had just spared their lives. As a result, Montha’s dad is now exploring the story of Jesus.

When Montha reached the SR distribution site, he helped deliver rice to several floating villages. Many recipients told him they were on their last rations of food and had waited for someone to share more about a powerful Creator God they had heard about from other volunteers.

God’s timing is perfect!

Montha shared his story and the good news in a way he had never experienced before the incident on the lake—his Savior God was real and present to him now.

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Published September 11, 2023

Send Relief Staff