3 Ways Your Gift Catalog Purchase Can Change Lives

By Send Relief Staff

Christmas is quickly approaching and with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season comes the stress of gift shopping. This winter, we want you to be able to celebrate with your loved ones without the anxiety of last-minute browsing.

Through Send Relief’s Christmas Catalog, you can be sure that your gifts will make a meaningful difference. With plenty of categories to choose from, you can pick a product that resonates with your family’s values and commit to raising money for that specific project, or you can pick a category that your friends are passionate about and donate in their honor. Either way, you will be meeting needs and changing lives—what better way to celebrate the birth of Christ?

One family matters. One person matters. And one gift matters. So consider giving this Christmas, and discover three ways that your Gift Catalog purchase can transform lives.

  1. Your purchase empowers families and individuals to become self-sufficient. Whether it’s through the gift of 10 fish or a job skills training, you can help a family experience autonomy for the first time. For those in rural villages who are dependent on agriculture to survive, the gift of livestock, seeds or any one of our agricultural options is life-altering. When there are seasons of draught and famine, families are often left to survive with only their past season’s crop yields and must struggle to make it through to a new year. If a natural disaster strikes during this difficult season, that can mean severe malnutrition or even death for families in remote regions. Your donations can ensure their survival and ability to keep food on the table for their children. By starting their own vegetable stand or using a cow for its milk and meat, a family can go from being utterly destitute to becoming small business owners overnight!
  2. Your gifts enable entire communities to have a fresh start. When hurricanes, earthquakes or acts of war terrorize a community, your donations help survivors recover spiritually, physically and mentally from the trauma they incur. With monsoons and storms, entire villages are often destroyed or permanently damaged by the sudden onslaught of rain and wind, leaving families instantly homeless with nowhere to take shelter in the aftermath. Similarly, when civil war or faction conflicts break out overseas, entire people groups are displaced and communities uprooted in the skirmishes. If bordering countries aren’t welcoming of these new refugees, they are regularly taken advantage of and abused in their time of vulnerability. Your gifts provide trauma counseling, medical care, food boxes, water and more necessities for these families as they struggle to find a new normal after crises. Frequently, the packages that your gifts fund are the only belongings that families can claim after experiencing a disaster or fleeing with what little they could carry. The healing power of this fresh start cannot be overstated.
  3. Your investment in the lives of others will leave a lasting legacy. One of the most unexpected changes you can make with your gift is in your own life. Donating to a child, family or community in need fundamentally changes your perspective. While the enormity of the world’s needs can feel overwhelming, especially in 2020, you can leave the paralysis of that feeling behind when you know you are contributing to something greater than yourself that will have an impact for years, even decades, in the future. You are now connected to a greater Church in prayer and giving. You become a part of a community of globally minded activists with concern not just for the here-and-now, but for the generations to come. Your participation in the care and wellbeing of others provides a renewed sense of purpose, and it’s hard to remain unchanged after this shift in your mind and heart.

Join us in our mission to serve vulnerable communities and make this holiday season memorable for hurting families around the world by giving today!

Published October 25, 2020

Send Relief Staff