New from Nazareth: Meeting Wartime Needs in Jesus’ Hometown

Amid turmoil and uncertainty near Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth, Send Relief is partnering with local ministries, echoing the timeless message of meeting needs in His name. As conflict rages in the region, the community in Nazareth faces unprecedented challenges. But you can bring relief and support to those in need, fostering hope and resilience in a place that holds both historical significance and contemporary struggles.

Walking in Jesus’ Footsteps

Jesus’ family had to flee His hometown when He was a baby. Now, that same hometown is hosting a flood of people escaping the violence of the war in Israel. Hear from Send Relief President Bryant Wright as he speaks from a hillside near Nazareth about how we are helping.

Bomb Shelters Needed for Schoolchildren in Nazareth

In the same town where Jesus’ grew up, hundreds of children are attending a Baptist school and learning about the Savior. For many decades, this school has set the standard for education in the area, even attracting students from different religions. While they receive practical training for the future, these children and their families hear the gospel.

The current war in Israel is threatening the school’s ability to keep reaching students, though. Without enough bomb shelters to protect all of the students and teachers, the school will be forced to close.

Hear from Bryant Wright as he joins school leaders to talk about this need and how to help meet it.

Dive Deeper: Nazareth School Leader Shares How They are Reaching Their Community

Listen to the unique perspective of school board Chairman Najed Azzam, as he speaks with Bryant Wright about the challenges and opportunities of reaching their neighbors in a beautifully diverse, yet volatile and sometimes divided community.

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Published November 29, 2023