Veterans, runaway youth, low-income families—homelessness is indiscriminate. Send Relief is working to support and assist people experiencing homelessness in finding consistent incomes and stable housing options.


(Strengthen Communities – North America)


No matter where you are, your community is likely impacted by homelessness in some way. The title “homeless” in America has become a catch-all phrase that covers a multitude of people, groups, situations and causes. Some are single men and women who have few family ties or relationships that can provide any support. Some are families with children who struggle to find housing, food and security on the streets or shelters in which the families can stay together. Some are runaway adolescents who weren’t able to stay in their home situations. Some are veterans who have returned from active duty with physical, mental or emotional injuries. Most have not only lost their homes—they’ve lost their hope. By partnering with Send Relief, you can serve individuals impacted by homelessness in your community. Download our ministry guide to get started.