Family Advocacy Ministry (FAM)

Learn how to support at-risk children and families in your community by connecting with a FAM ministry coach.


FAM is a step-by-step ministry strategy that helps churches serve and advocate for vulnerable children and families as well as those called to foster and adopt. All FAMs are equipped with ministry software, resources, tutorial, and consultation to launch and sustain their ministries. Send Relief helps churches implement FAMs so they can help bring a gospel-centered impact to the lives of vulnerable children and families.

Depending on your church’s areas of interest, resources available and local need, your FAM could look like this:

  • Praying diligently and consistently
  • Raising awareness about the needs of vulnerable children
  • Recruiting families to consider adopting or fostering
  • Providing support to serve foster and adoptive families, and biological families in crisis
  • Helping to meet physical and financial needs
  • Supporting and encouraging local child welfare workers
  • Ministering to families and meeting emotional and spiritual needs

How to Start a FAM

Every FAM may look different, but they all have one thing in common: needs are met and lives are changed. Contact Send Relief to connect with a FAM ministry coach and learn how to support at-risk children and families in your community.

Start a FAM