Neema Girls Project

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Your monthly giving changes the lives of the most vulnerable all year! Poverty is prevalent around the globe, and the need for prayer and care is everywhere. Partner with us and become an unstoppable force of HOPE.

Together, we can give a brighter future for vulnerable women in Kenya.

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Many young girls do not have the means to go to school or learn skills to support themselves. Without job skills or an education, they are very vulnerable to trafficking or becoming child brides.

Neema Girls Project helps break the poverty cycle for these young women. They disciple the girls in a safe environment and help them complete school. In addition, the girls receive skills training to help them succeed after they finish school. Girls who don't have a safe place to stay are provided with housing.

Your gifts will allow Neema Girls Project to expand their capacity and facilities to reach out to an even greater number of girls in Kenya.


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