Boston Ministry Center

Send Relief’s Boston ministry center has a threefold focus: offering tailored resources to partnering organizations and church plants, serving as a place of refreshment and renewal to seasoned ministry leaders and restoring relationships through fostering cross-cultural relationships.



In the heart of Boston, this Send Relief ministry center is dedicated to functioning as a catalytic hub for restorative ministry in and around the city. The center is committed to working alongside local ministries and through the local church to see communities strengthened to the glory of God. Through a collaborative effort with Send Boston, GenSend, and the Journeyman program, the center also is strategically working to compassionately build bridges in communities that are in need of the gospel strengthening that a church plant provides.

What We Do

The Boston ministry center is committed to resourcing local churches, renewing ministry workers and families and restoring communities in need across the city. We do this through three initiatives.

The Friendship Initiative seeks to build friendships with our neighbors experiencing homelessness. it begins with sharing a meal, engaging in constructive conversations and transforming lives through fulfilling relationships.

The Beloved Initiative is an effort to serve human trafficking and sexual abuse survivors as they are brought into safe community with opportunities to be mentored and empowered to embrace new identities in Christ.

The Geneva Initiative mobilizes churches to receive refugees and international families in healthy and loving ways, inviting them into a supportive community and connecting them with opportunities in their new home country.


John Ames

Boston Ministry Center Director John Ames grew up in Ivory Coast, West Africa, as the son of Baptist missionaries. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Taylor University, Ames went on to obtain a Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and a Master of Theology from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary before founding a nonprofit, Real Steps, that paired at-risk youth with arts and athletics programs in Massachusetts. Ames has a background in urban ministry and community development in Boston and helped start two Send Network churches in Rhode Island prior to joining Send Relief’s team. In his free time, Ames loves watching Liverpool soccer, listening to live music and spending time with his wife, Jenny, and their two children, Micah and Mikayla.