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May 24, 2022 - May 25, 2022



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Send Relief’s desire is to offer on-going opportunities to visit our Ministry Centers to taste and see what compassion ministry looks like on the front lines.  We want you to leverage our experiences in hopes that you may begin a similar initiative, fortify an effort that has already begun, or directly partner with one or multiple of our Ministry Centers. 


We will spend time introducing you to our specific context and how the principles of ministry could easily convert into your local community.  You will have the opportunity to converse with us about what has worked, has not worked, and why.  It is also planned to explore what your goals short and long-term might be.  Perhaps you have the next 5 years planned or maybe only the next 5 minutes.  We are here to help, think, and pray with you about your next steps.  

The Hub: Urban Ministries in Shreveport, LA is on a mission to give everyone in our city access to a restored life!  We do that through providing rescue, relationships, resources, and recovery to the homeless, those experiencing poverty and women and children who have experienced sexual exploitation and/or human trafficking through our two ministries: The Lovewell Center and Purchased: Not for SaleThe Lovewell Center is a membership-based model of ministry that provides those in poverty and homelessness a way to earn the resources they need through attending classes and counseling.  Purchased serves women and children who have experienced human trafficking through multiple programs and outreaches aimed at providing rescue and recovery to every woman and child experiencing exploitation in our city.  Mission groups engage across all of the ministry lanes of The Hub and get hands-on, personal opportunities to engage and serve.  This includes homeless outreach, motel outreach, serving meals to those in poverty and running the resource stores in our ministry facilities.  Our mission trips are geared at not only mission activity but training & immersive education so that you can take what you learn back to your own city!


What will you do:

Service projects vary in Shreveport but will include examples like:

The Lovewell Center: serving the homeless and those in poverty meals, helping run resource stores and help sort and organize donations.  Meal outreaches in parks and motels to feed the homeless and reach those in need.


Purchased: Not for Sale: writing letters to women in jail, helping with projects around the Purchased program facility, attending outreaches in the city to give out information about Purchased.

Once you are registered, you will receive a series of emails with details regarding your event.  We will equip you with the information you need to make your experience meaningful.


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Includes ministry projects, and some meals.