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October 15, 2021 - October 16, 2021


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In partnership with churches, associations, your state convention, and SEND Relief, the Serve Tour seeks to inspire you to engage in compassion ministry through participation in ministry projects in Tulsa. Our plan is to find ways to meet needs and bless churches, schools, local governments and compassion ministry non-profits. We want to strategically help local revitalized churches and bless bi-vocational pastors by providing assistance.


We want to make it easy to bring people together in Jesus’ name to make a difference.


Our goal is for the Serve Tour to become a unifying opportunity for Southern Baptists to demonstrate to a watching city who we are and (more importantly) who our Savior is. As believers swarm the city, we will provide pre-trip training guides and a 30-day prayer guide to help you take your next step on mission.


What will you do?

You will begin each day of serve tour at Eastwood Baptist Church hub. The address is 948 S 91st East Ave, Tulsa, OK 74112. Your project leader will give you instructions each morning of Serve Tour.


CarePortal helps provide vetted personalized support to children and families involved in the child welfare system. The tool of CarePortal can help facilitate connections between churches and real-time needs of families. We believe this opportunity shows sincere love and care to some of the most at risk in our communities while simultaneously addressing some of their most pressing needs.? These needs are validated and vetted by the agency partners who make the requests on the family's behalf. Utilizing CarePortal on serve tour weekend will help facilitate an introduction to the system that can be used to mobilize congregants from local churches in an ongoing manner throughout the year if/when they are led to engage and have the resources available.


Additionally, continued support from Oklahoma Baptists through the www.oklahomabaptists.org/fostercaregrant also allows churches in areas of revitalization to have financial support for meeting CarePortal requests going forward to continue the heart of serve tour beyond the weekend.? It would be our goal to see if Tulsa area churches can serve about 40 families over the project weekend in Tulsa and even surrounding communities if they would like.?? 



Next steps: 

1.     Register yourself and your group 

2.     Pray for the city of Tulsa

Once you are registered, you will receive a series of emails with details regarding your event.  We will equip you with the information you need to make your experience meaningful. 


Helpful Links (click below):

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