Clarkston Vision Tour

January 13, 2020 - January 14, 2020


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Send Relief’s desire is to offer on-going opportunities to visit our Ministry Centers to taste and see what compassion ministry looks like on the front lines.  We want you to leverage our experiences in hopes that you may begin a similar initiative, fortify an effort that has already begun, or directly partner with one or multiple of our Ministry Centers. 


We will spend time introducing you to our specific context and how the principles of ministry could easily convert into your local community.  You will have the opportunity to converse with us about what has worked, has not worked, and why.  It is also planned to explore what your goals short and long-term might be.  Perhaps you have the next 5 years planned or maybe only the next 5 minutes.  We are here to help, think, and pray with you about your next steps.  


Clarkston, GA is one of the most diverse communities in America where almost 32% are foreign-born and 60 languages are spoken within a 1.5-mile radius. In Clarkston, there are great needs, but there are also great opportunities for churches and individuals to invest in the residents. For many, they left circumstances most of us could not imagine, yet they inherited a new situation most of us take for granted. It is in this transition that we have the greatest opportunity to meet their need, build relationships and begin gospel conversations.


Our desire is to help you identify one of the three goals below by the end of your tour with us. 



  1. Help you understand how to replicate ministry in your local context   

  1. Present opportunities for you to partner with our ministry center 

  1. Inspire and encourage continued ministry development 


Components of Send Relief Vision Tour: 

  • Welcome 

  • Send Relief & Ministry Center Overview 

  • Driving/Walking tour of area 

  • Conversations with local ministry practitioners  

  • Immersive Experience 

  • Church and community assessment 

  • Defining Next Steps after Vision Tour 


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