Clarkston Spring Break

March 20, 2021 - March 26, 2021


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Clarkston, Georgia, has been called “the most diverse square mile in America” and “the Ellis Island of the South.” It is home to people, many of them refugees, from more than 40 countries who speak more than 60 languages. It is a unique and compelling place for ministry – that is what makes it so unique.

The Send Relief Ministry Center works alongside local pastors, church planters and other local Christian ministries with a variety of community engagement efforts in the Refugee communities that call Clarkston home.  Many mission experiences focus on doing work projects.  In Clarkston, the people are the ministry.  Getting to know about them and their diverse cultures is the focus.  The idea of “People over Projects” leads the work.  This does not mean that projects are not important in Clarkston, they just have a different focus.  Projects in Clarkston revolve around the people and getting to know them and their culture.  ESL and other Reading Assistance Programs are needed and important.  School Outreach / Day Camps and Assistance and Community Service and Beautification Projects are also ways that the Send Relief Ministry Center engages with the community. 

Projects during scheduled GenSend Break opportunities will be geared towards working with specific planters/pasters to connect with this diverse community.  Housing is provided at the Send Relief Ministry Center located at the ministry center.  Transportation to and from the ministry sites will be on your own.


Cost:    $30pp/night = $180 (local transportation and housing is not included)


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  • March 5

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  • 12+

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Includes ministry projects and limited meals.