Women’s health project serves South American mothers

By Send Relief Staff

Your support has made it possible for women in one South American nation to not only gain access to feminine hygiene products for the first time in months, but it also helped them provide for themselves by making and selling these products.

Upon receiving her first payment for her products, one displaced participant, María*, began to cry, telling our partners, “I am so thankful that now I can give God my tithe for the first time since I left my home country.”

Another worker, Alexandra*, declared, “My main benefit from this project has not just been learning a new skill but spending time with Christian ladies, sharing our personal and spiritual growth in God’s Word. We were given direction on how to understand and follow God’s Word, through which God guides us with wisdom and knowledge. We are doing this for Him.”

Lisa* is yet another disciple in the making who suffers from a muscular-skeletal neurological disease that affects her ability to speak and walk, making it difficult for her to earn a steady income. By learning to make women’s hygiene products, Lisa has risen in the ranks and is now the facilitator of all product sales!

Before this project, the cost and availability of feminine hygiene products made it difficult, if not impossible, for many women in poverty to access them.

Our Send Relief partners saw this gap in services as an opportunity to provide these women with worthwhile work, a returned sense of dignity and training to provide future opportunities for income and consistent work.

One group leader shared, “The objective was centered on giving value and significance to these vulnerable women, giving them the necessary tools for developing skillsets in sewing, training them in the practices of planning projects and providing them with sanitary items for themselves along with the opportunity to sell their wares. Many of these mothers had never sewn before. The overarching opportunity through this project has been to share the gospel with women on a regular basis, and the best part has been not only seeing them grow in knowledge but also spiritual development through evangelism and discipleship.”

Women across nine vulnerable communities have now been able to feed their children and experience the love of Christ because of your generosity! Pray for the businesses’ continued operations and for the women to share their newfound hope with friends and families in need.

*Names changed for security.

Published February 23, 2021

Send Relief Staff