South Asian Community Center Transforms Thousands with Physical Help and Gospel Hope

By Send Relief Staff

Basu* and his family boiled grass for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Severely impoverished, he was forced to get creative in order to feed his family—the juice strained from this grass was the only free meal he could obtain.

A Send Relief partner in South Asia discovered Basu’s situation and came up with a sustainable way to keep his family, and others like them, fed and self-sufficient. Send Relief built a training center where local women were trained in sewing and tailoring job skills for the purpose of being hired as paid apprentices or starting their own businesses.

The program’s success reached beyond all hopes as opportunities to serve the community continued.

Hundreds of at-risk women have now been taught about healthy pregnancy practices and hygiene. Many pastors, church planters, village leaders and new missionaries have been trained in pastoral care and ministry. Dozens of food distributions and flood-relief projects have saved lives and shown the tangible love of Christ to a community that has been overlooked and exploited.

For local believers who have experienced unspeakable persecution, the center is one of their few safe spaces in which they can learn about God’s Word and freely worship and fellowships with other Christians. The center has also become a base for a new non-profit organization that is assessing chronic problems and needs in the community, using this research to sponsor community development projects that will implement sustainable solutions for these families.

Today, Basu and his family are able to have consistent, nourishing meals because of this project. One Send Relief partner shared, “I don’t know how they would have survived without this help. God is good.” Basu is now a passionate evangelist and has translated a written version of the New Testament as well as created an audio version of the Old Testament into his native language—the first of its kind.

Before the center was established, this region only had 350 believers in a city of one million. Parents were beginning to feel hopeless, unable to feed their growing families. Floods and other disasters were pushing communities further into poverty, as no relief efforts were being offered. Pastors were discouraged and untrained.

Now, the center that you helped build has become a launching pad for the gospel to be spread to nearly 14 million people in the region. Pastors and new church leaders are gaining confidence in sharing their faith because of the teaching and training provided there. Women are learning valuable life skills that have empowered them to provide for their families. Families know that after a major flood, they will receive emergency food boxes and bedding in the wake of rebuilding what was lost.

This center has had such a positive impact on the community that even the police commissioner is encouraging further evangelism efforts! In an unprecedented request, he has asked Send Relief to distribute the Jesus film to all his police precincts.

In the spirit of 2 Timothy 2:2, local believers are being trained so that they may train others. Pray for these partners as they teach and love this community well, that they may be strengthened in their resolve to see physical needs met in the name of Jesus.

*Name changed for security.

Published December 4, 2020

Send Relief Staff